The bestselling bible to Adventure
The award-winning, Bear Grylls-loving, knee-cap grazing, children's adventure book that has now been translated around the world.
"A clarion call to the child explorer." The Guardian
"A treasure trove of knowledge"
"The loveliest, most useful adventure book"
Alastair Humphreys
Something in Korean
The Lost book of adventure - the idea that led to a hiatus from full-time agency life and took me back to making things...
An adventurous idea that was meant to inspire my own children and ended up leading to an 8-publisher auction.
I had spent 15 years making things for other people, but this was a cause that was close to my heart. 
Now, most of my time is spent adventuring to far flung corners of the world, coffeeing with explorers and scientists, and writing/illustrating children's books. When possible I also work alongside agencies and brands in need of creative strategy and ideas, whether big or small. Here is a selection of work that I've enjoyed making.
Royal Ascot | The artist collaborations
Partnering one of the world's oldest brands with contemporary artists to create an advertising platform that has become a genuine showcase for the arts every year. 
Artist Joe Wilson and Bellerby & Co globemakers team up to create a world like nowhere else.
Previous campaigns - featuring artists Lauren DiCoccio & David Mach
Libratone presents | Nightingale - SIGMA
Partnering speaker brand Libratone with the world's hottest dance act to create the single Nightingale and a world-first 360° music video to launch their 360° speaker. 
1 million views within first week of launch. Nightingale officially released March 2016.


Photoshoplooter | A very British meme

A simple Tumblr site in response to the London riots that became one of the most shared memes this decade. Spawned a book, worldwide news coverage, and was shared 6 million times within a week. A precursor to the photoshopping memes of today.


Blinkbox | Fresh from cinema rating
Creating a 'Fresh from cinema' film rating for Blinkbox movies that made them actually known for something. True to form, each TVC simply featured a static rating frame, helped by an improvised comedy voiceover.
Bloom Fm | *See app store for details
Using painfully honest reviews to launch the app store's most loved music app.
1 million new subscribers within 3 months. Each new evangelist fed and helped spread the campaign.
Bee band was the most tweeted ad on TV at the time.


giffgaff | Unlock a phone. Unlock a chicken
Music video featuring Keith Harris and Orville, to launch giffgaff's Unlock a phone. Unlock a chicken campaign. 
10,000 battery hens rehomed.* 
100,000 mobile phone users released from contracts and rehomed with giffgaff. 
Most viewed pre-roll on Youtube.
*Ran out of chickens.
Travel Republic | Out Of Office emails
Using the medium of the Out Of Office email to create a whole new advertising platform for online holiday company - Travel Republic. 150k emails sent.
Zero budget.
innocent drinks | Fruitstock viral
Creating the world's largest fruit-powered battery to launch innocent's Fruitstock music festival.
Shots' film of the month.


The Feel Good Bakery | 
Co-created a very different kind of sandwich company. For every sandwich you buy a child in Africa gets a proper meal too. This company is run by and for ex-gang members trying to make a go of it. So far it has spawned festivals, Jamie Oliver love-ins, and a lot of happy tummies.


giffgaff launch | giffgaff Tool Hire
Hire a tool, make a video, get free calls for a year. Harnessing Youtubers to launch the people-powered mobile network giffgaff. 
Millions of views, national news, D&AD nominated.
Planted the seeds for what is the fastest growing telcoms company in the UK.
Kabbee | Nightmare night bus
Taking over a real London night bus on Friday 13th for minicab app Kabbee.
Directed by Derren Brown's team covertly; think hidden cameras, a gang rap battle, food fights and drunken sumo wrestling, that had londoners wishing they'd tapped the app.
Peroni | La Dolce Vita
Remaking of La Dolce Vita for global launch of Peroni Nastro Azzuro. Helped turn brand from an Italian farmer's beer into something synonymous with the finest tastes of Italy. 
The brands most successful campaign to date.